Frequently asked questions . . .

Is financial planning only for the wealthy?

No. Most people who are wealthy did not start out wealthy. However, I am sure if you spoke to anyone you know who has accumulated wealth, they will tell you they have done it with a plan, and the help of various professional advisors. In addition, if you speak to any successful business owner, they will tell you that you cannot build a business without a business plan. Therefore, whether you want to become wealthy, or you are already wealthy and wanting to maintain your wealth, you will benefit by having a written financial plan.

What is the benefit of using a Fee Only Financial Planner?

With Fee Only Financial Planners, all potential conflicts of interest regarding compensation are removed. I am not licensed to sell any financial products, and I am not compensated by any product or service provider. I work for you, and am compensated only by you, the client.

Does a Fee Only Financial Planner replace my present Investment Advisor
or Financial Consultant?

No. As a Fee Only Financial Planner, I can work closely with all your other professional advisors; all I am doing is completing the circle. I am not replacing anyone; I am just there to enhance and compliment your existing financial team.

How do I benefit from the fact you have an Accounting designation as well as a Financial Planning designation?

You benefit in many ways, but most importantly by the fact I can speak and understand the language of both your accountant and your financial planner / investment advisor, as I have experienced what they do in their day to day work. In addition, I have the broad knowledge and experience to consider all aspects of your financial needs, including the personal tax implications, and can prepare a plan which will help you reach your financial goals and objectives.

Does our business relationship end once the financial plan is completed?

It should not, however this is up to you. The initial plan is like the foundation when building a new house, it becomes your starting point. As in all areas of life, things change. The recommendations in the plan need to be reviewed and monitored as you move forward, with adjustments made as necessary. Therefore, to achieve the best results we should continue to work together as frequently as is necessary for your comfort.


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