I am not licensed to sell any financial products, and I am not compensated by any product or service provider. This independence enables me to be totally unbiased; I work for, and am compensated only by you, the client. I can work closely with your existing Investment Advisor, Financial Consultant, or Accountant to help strengthen your financial position.

The first discussion is free (maximum 1 hour) so you can find out how we can work together to achieve your financial peace of mind. Find out how you can have financial reassurance. Knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there.

I am proud of my ability to explain detailed financial information in clear and understandable terms.

Retirement Planning
This will help you clarify all your goals for retirement, and create strategies to realize them.

Tax Management
Keep more of what you earn; this will assist you in minimizing your income tax payable. In addition, professional T1 (Personal Tax) and T3 (Estate Tax) preparation is available, under contract with Lee and Company CA.

Investment Management
This will assist in determining the appropriate portfolio investment asset allocation mix for your comfort zone and time frame.

Cash and Debt Management
This will review your current cash flow and determine effective ways of saving more, or paying off debt more quickly.

Estate Planning
This will provide an Estate Analysis which will include a discussion on the importance of having Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Authorizations in place, the benefits of bequests and donations, and tax implications related to your estate needs.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
An in depth written comprehensive plan of your overall financial position. This would include reviewing the six fundamental components of Financial Planning: Financial Management, Tax Management, Asset Management, Risk Management, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning.

Business Management Consulting
This includes investigating and identifying management and business problems related to technical, organizational, financial, systems, controls, or other administrative aspects of your organization.

Fee Schedule

  1. Initial Discussion is Free (maximum 1 hour)

  2. Financial planning advice only: $ 120.00 per hour + GST
    Charge will be based upon time spent meeting with the client and any necessary research time.

  3. Written Financial Plans:
    Basic Financial Assessment $ 600.00 + GST (minimum fee)
    Comprehensive Plan $ 1,200.00 to $ 2,500.00 + GST (depending upon complexity)

  4. Retainer: Starting at $150.00 per month, minimum 3 months.
    (Option available only after a written Financial Plan has been prepared.)

    Our financial life is always in transition, as we get married, sell a house, lose a spouse, care for aging parents, or prepare for retirement. I can provide ongoing consultation for you, especially important during particular times of transition, on the basis of a monthly retainer. This enables you to call me when you have questions about your finances, or when a life transition event occurs.

    If you choose a monthly retainer, you will be entitled to a quarterly review meeting, minor updates to your plan, and communication regarding information potentially relevant to your specific financial position. The monthly retainer will be negotiated depending upon what your specific needs are, and will be clearly defined in a Letter of Engagement.

Note: This fee structure applies only to the services provided by Dan Wilmshurst.
Any services provided by Wayne Lee of Lee and Company Chartered Accountant, will be an additional charge.

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